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Our Program

Reggio Inspired

Our Program

The Loving Roots program is designed to be well-rounded, child focused and  fun! A huge effort will be made daily to nurture a happy child, who loves to come to school.  At Loving Roots your child will have the opportunity to learn phonetics, math, science, art, social-emotional awareness, music, baking and yoga.  We are an emotionally safe program that uses the multisensory approach of Orton-Gillingham to teach math, phonetics and language. Our ratio is currently one teacher to four students.  This ratio will ensure quality, safety and more opportunities for learning in the child focused environment.

Kids Running

Our Role As Teachers: Running a Child-Led Classroom

The opportunity to facilitate new learning adventures for children is one of the most exciting parts of being an educator!  Daily programming is our creative playground as teachers!  We love to develop fun, educational experiences together with our students! Whether we are planning a hands-on science experiment or teaching phonetic sounds, we pride ourselves on being led on this adventure by the child.


A Different Approach

In our experience, all too often, children are taught in ways that are repetitive, boring, punitive and unsuccessful. Often, these methods and unrealistic expectations are detrimental to a child’s self-esteem, security and creative process.  We couldn’t be more different! We believe in kindly walking alongside our children daily.  As the children’s teachers, we are responsible for our preschooler’s happiness while in our care.  We accomplish this task by creating diverse, age appropriate, opportunities that excite a child’s natural curiosity in order to grow and learn. We can’t help but leave an abundant amount of room in our program for building connection and expressing kindness to ensure that your child feels safe and secure in our care.

Kids Drawing

Physical Movement

Physical movement is an important key to our children’s growth and development. We love the outdoors! Plenty of our teaching and creativity will be experienced outside, whenever possible.  You can expect your child to have plenty of daily outdoor play time to use their large motor skills and imagination! Rain or shine!

Jumping in Puddles

Our Outdoor World

Our outdoor world features a vegetable and flower garden, a sandbox, mud kitchen, and outdoor playhouse. The property backs onto the local green belt that we will be exploring regularly!

Kids Blowing Bubbles

The Materials

At Loving Roots we supply the children with open-ended natural materials. Open-ended materials (also known as loose-parts) can be used by the child in infinite ways. These materials are used to encourage the process of creativity. We often give a child loose parts such as stones, branches, sand, and water. Given the opportunity each child will use the materials to create something to reflect their own individual ideas. The possibilities for creation are endless.

Girl with Wooden Blocks

Loose Parts

Loose parts take an important role in a child's creative and imaginative play. These parts can be both natural and manufactured. A loose part is infinite. It can be moved, combined, taken-apart, and put-together in a variety of ways. For example if we give a child cardboard boxes and wood rounds the possibilities for creation are endless. That cardboard box can become a home with stepping stones, a car with wheels, or a rocketship! Loose parts foster the kind of creativity that we admire in our children.



The Kaymbu program is used by Loving Roots teachers to keep you updated on all class activities, reminders, updates, and to offer you real time photos and videos. It also offers you real time communication with your child's teachers, and stores these messages for later reference. All Kaymbu communication/photos will go directly to your phones, tablets and PC’s, giving you the opportunity to share and follow along with your child's day.  Your child's photos are yours to keep, copy, print or share, and will be stored for you as a running journal throughout the school year.

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