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Word on the Street

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To whom it may concern,


“It is my great pleasure to recommend Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie to all children and parents. My son is 4 years old and he spent last year with Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie.” … “they are both outstanding early childhood educators.”


“Ms. Karen has rich experience of young kids. She is delightful and always has a big smile. During the past year, I have gained plenty of enlightening and constructive opinions from her” …”she often provides methods which are scientific but also practical. As for academic education, I also agree with Ms. Karen who believes in following children’s nature to enhance their cognitive ability.”


“Ms. Josie, a cheerful young lady, is very popular among children. My son even asked for bringing Ms. Josie home after school several times. I guess that is because kids can feel her born kindness and passion for this job.”…”she also inspires children to experience nature and eco concept with objects easily found in everyday life (not manmade toys and material).”


“During the COVID pandemic, my son mentioned he missed his teachers and classmates. Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie gathered all kids in class with an online programme in their spare time, providing them an opportunity to communicate with each other. For my son, Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie are experienced teachers and good friends; for parents, they are tutors of family education. Because of their enthusiasm for early childhood education, they are very well liked by children and highly respected by parents.”



Yumeng Xiao

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To Whom It May Concern, 

I am the parent of a child who was under Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie’s care from September 2018 to August 2019. Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie are exemplary personifications of what it means to be an early childhood educator. The manner with which they are able to manager a classroom full of toddler children, with a vast array of needs and dispositions never ceased to amaze me. In fact, I often felt as though the linking factor that maintained my connection with the center was Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie’s presence. There were numerous occasions in which I was in awe of the manner in which Ms. Karen was able to diffuse difficult situations amongst students, manage unruly behavior, and create an overall environment of love, compassion, and learning. There are few individuals who are capable of being truly aligned with their inner personality and their professional title. However, these two teachers are perfect examples of seeing this necessity in the delicate field of child care become actualized.

They have a plethora of knowledge in terms of early childhood development, creative learning exercises, and most importantly completing these responsibilities with the utmost care and consideration. My son entered Ms. Karen and Ms. Josie’s classroom with a rather timid, reserved, and anxious disposition. By the time he entered the next year’s classroom he was a well-rounded confident individual who was able to manage his social anxiety and peer interactions with ease. I will be forever grateful to the kinship and safe learning environment that my son had the privilege of attaining from this fantastic duo, and I am more than happy to be contacted directly for further information.


Best Regards,

Amrita Sandhu

Image by Jeremy Bishop



       大家好,我的孩子今年四岁,很幸运他能在Ms. Karen和Ms. Josie工作的班级中接受启蒙教育。我真诚的推荐Ms. Karen和Ms. Josie给所有孩子和家长。

       Ms. Karen是一位热情喜悦、有亲和力的老师,我们每天清晨送孩子到幼儿园都能看到她灿烂的笑容。她的幼儿教育经验极丰富,通过和她的接触和交谈,我收获了很多启发和建设性的意见。这是一个贩卖焦虑的信息时代,新手父母常常会阅读很多所谓“经典”的育儿书籍,但这些书籍实际上来自不同的教育流派,也并不总能随教育学的研究成果及时更新,在某些具体问题上甚至意见向左。疑惑时,我们会与Karen老师讨论,她常以多年的经验心得使我们豁然开朗,在教育中既有科学性又不至照本宣科。孩子的作息、饮食、排便及习惯养成中出现的问题,Karen老师会指导我们在家如何配合,如何运用与孩子沟通的技巧。启蒙教育,Karen老师主张顺应孩子的天性,不急于求成。比如刚开始教孩子认识字母时,孩子同时学习一个字母的大小写形式,经常发生混淆,一度停滞不前,有挫败感。就此问题Karen老师建议先学全套小写字母,因为小写字母是阅读的基础,我们尝试后发现果然减轻了孩子认知的困难,孩子在循序渐进的学习中有成就感,发现兴趣,很快就度过了字母学习的瓶颈期。

       Ms. Josie开朗阳光,深受孩子们的欢迎,我的孩子回家经常会说喜欢Ms. Josie,有时放学的时候还经常想要邀请Ms Josie一起回家。在与她沟通的过程中,我感到她的身上有一种与生俱来的善良和对幼教工作的热爱,孩子的直觉是敏锐而准确的。多数时候,上午的Circle Time是由Ms Josie组织,除了常规的阅读培养、艺术的基本感知以外,还启发孩子利用生活中常见的物品动手创造,引导孩子体验自然,体会生活。



Yumeng Xiao


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